About Valerie Ganz

Valerie’s History

In 1985 she took a house and studio at Six Bells, Abertillery. For a year she worked at the Six Bells Colliery, alongside the miners both above ground and at the coalface. In the evening she made studies of the miners and their families at choir practice, in the snooker halls and in the chapel. This work formed the basis of many exhibitions, in particular the mining exhibition at the Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea in 1986, “Mining in Art” with Josef Herman, Jack Crabtree and Nicholas Evans.

Following her time at Six Bells a commission from British Coal led to a year working at three open cast sites culminating in a large exhibition. Many visits to South America where she painted and quite recently worked with the oil industry where she travelled out into the desert from Neuquen, Patagonia, Argentina to paint oil rigs and their workers.

Her curiosity with “Other Lives” has taken her to London for a year to work with the Dancers at the Central School of Ballet, New Orleans to pursue her love of jazz and to paint the musicians, Swansea Prison to study the lives of offenders and over the last two years to work with Classical Musicians.